​​​​​​​Opening of a new school by Turkish Maarif Foundation in Afghanistan


Turkish Maarif Foundation will open a primary school in Mazar-i Sharif, Afghanistan.

Balkh Province Deputy Governor Muhammad Bashir Tawhidi, Balkh Provincial Council President Mohammed Afzal Hadid, Turkish Maarif Foundation Country Representative, Afghan-Turkish Maarif Schools Mazar-i Sharif Boys and Girls High Schools Administrators attended the ceremony organized on the occasion of the transfer of Afghan-Turkish Maarif Schools, previously used as Balkh Provincial Council Office and destinated to become a primary school.

Speaking during the program, Balkh Province Deputy Governor Tawhidi explained that Turkey has always been next to the Afghan people.

Tawhidi stated that Turkey has provided hygiene and medical supplies along with provisions to Afghanistan during the Coronavirus outbreak and expressed his gratitude towards the Turkish people for being with Afghanistan during these tough times.

Tawhid reminded that Turkish Maarif Foundation has kept its promises done to Afghan people thanks to Afghan-Turkish Maarif Schools.

Balkh Provincial Council President Hadid noted that the development of Afghanistan was based on education, therefore investment in education was the most important investment to do.

Hadid added that he was satisfied to see the older Balkh Provincial Council Office to become an elementary school allocated to Turkish Maarif Foundation.

TMF Country Representatives said that, as Turkish Maarif Foundation, they would do their utmost to keep their promises done to Afghan people and open the school in a very short time after the renovation works.


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