Visit from Cameroonian Minister of Finance Yaouba to Maarif Schools


The Minister of Finance of the Republic of Cameroon, Abdoulaye Yaouba, visited Maarif Schools in Yaoundé.

Yaouba was received by the Turkish Maarif Foundation Representative and the School Principal and came together with the teachers to exchange.

Speaking later, Yaouba stated that it was a good example that Cameroon Maarif Schools continued their activities through distance education during the pandemic that caused educational disruptions. Noting that this will develop and deepen the relations existing between the two countries, the Minister thanked Turkish Maarif Foundation for the successful works carried out.

After the meeting, Yaouba toured the classes to learn about the distance education system implemented in all the Maarif Schools. He examined how teachers were teaching lessons and students' participation in classes.

Turkish Maarif Foundation Representative also informed him about the preparations and the necessary equipment within the scope of distance education.



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