A Success Story from Maarif Albania Elbasan High School: “Soteria” Project


Students developed a project for the competition organized by the Junior Achievement of Albania in the Project Preparation course given as club work at the International Maarif Albania-Elbasan High School.

The project named "Soteria", which means "safe / alive / protected" in Latin by Maarif Students, was designed to stop the increase in the number of missing or abducted children.

The project, prepared by the students, works interactively via GPS with a chip that can be attached to clothes or jewelry, and an application that can be used on smart devices. When the child carrying the chip moves away from his parent at a certain distance, the application on the smart device will make a sound notification and inform the parent about the child's location.

The students, who were invited to a program on the most popular "TV Skampa" channel in Albania with the project they prepared, explained the details of the project with the support of the International Maarif Elbasan High School.

TMF Country Representatives, who stated that the project was among the top 10 across the country and would be further developed in the future, congratulated all students and teachers taking part in the Project.


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