Bilim Koleji has become a sister school with the Maarif Schools of Kosovo


Istanbul Bilim Koleji became a sister school of the International Maarif Schools in Prizren, Kosovo as part of the Sister School Project.

Istanbul Bilim Koleji became the sister school with the International Maarif Schools in Prizren, Kosovo, at a ceremony held at the Aliya Izzetbegovic Convention Center. Istanbul Bilim Koleji met with students of the International Maarif Schools in Prizren as part of the Sister School Project. Turkish Maarif Foundation Vice-President Osman Nuri Kabaktepe declared, "We are doing this in the framework of the Sister School Project of our Foundation. The project we realized in our 11 schools has a difference this time. This project has been started on the request of Bilim Koleji, not on the Foundation. People gain values with their experience.”


One of the most important things that people need to accumulate in the world is friends. Declaring “Our hearts and our beloved geography have no limits”, the Director of Istanbul Bilim Koleji Rahmi Güler added : “We are here for TUR-KO sister school project that we have been working for many years. Currently it may seem that we have borders between us, but it has any importance. Our hearts and our beloved geography have no limits. The winter has come in Istanbul, but we warmed up with our Kosovo brothers who arrived yesterday. We have a very good relationship between each other. While meeting our Kosovo brothers, we felt the warmth of welcoming a relative from Aydın, Ankara or Diyarbakır. We want to strengthen our friendship and brotherhood. For tomorrow’s Kosovo and Turkey, you will see how much this brotherhood means in the future.”


The Küçükçekmece District Director of National Education, Necati Tekbaş, said: “We had the opportunity to visit Prizren, the home of our esteemed brothers who belonged to our beloved geography. We visited the tomb of Murat Hüdavendigar where our ancestors were martyrs and veterans. Believe me that there is no difference between there and an Anatolian city. We felt ourselves at home. I wish our students will feel the same here too.”



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