Cooperation between Turkey’s Diyanet Foundation and Turkish Maarif Foundation



A cooperation protocol has been signed between Turkey’s Diyanet Foundation and the Turkish Maarif Foundation. 

The cooperation protocol was signed at the Presidency of Religious Affairs with the participation of the President of Religious Affairs, Prof. Dr. Ali Baş and the President of Turkish Maarif Foundation, Prof. Dr. Birol Akgün, involving the parties to make joint publications and aids in the country and abroad, to produce projects together in the cultural and social framework, and to support the existing projects.

According to the Protocol on Cooperation with Turkey’s Diyanet Foundation, the training materials used abroad in the activities undertaken in the field of education and translated into different languages will be at the disposal of the Turkish Maarif Foundation.

The Members of the Board of Trustees of the Turkish Maarif Foundation, Selim Cerrah and Prof. Dr. Ahmet Emre Bilgili, the Vice-President of Religious Affairs Dr. Selim Argun and the senior executives from both institutions were present at the signing ceremony of the cooperation protocol.



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