Ramadan 2020 at Maarif Foundation : a celebration under the sign of social distancing


The traditional Ramadan celebration at the Turkish Maarif Foundation has also adapted itself to the current context of the Covid-19 pandemic and the measures taken to stem its spread.

The president of the Foundation, Birol Akgün, members of the Board of Trustees, members of the Board of Directors and the team working in the headquarters of the Foundation but also all around the World, participated in this unprecedented encounter.

Akgün congratulated the staff for continuing the distance learning without interruption.  Speaking about the measures taken by the FMT in the context of the current pandemic, he said : “As soon as the Covid-19 appeared, we started to work in order to determine the way forward.  Education continued without interruption through the establishment of the distance learning sytem – already underway in several regions.  Several countries have learned about online education through Maarif.  In African countries, in particular, where the internet infrastructure is insufficient, we have launched a model of education adapted to the infrastructures of the countries thanks to our innovative approach, thus contributing to education in these countries.  At a time when the World has retracted into its shell, and everyone is forced to work from home, Turkey has made significant progress.  It has provided rapid assistance to countries that have requested help and repatriated our citizens stranded abroad."

Speaking to the staff of Maarif, the president declared that the Foundation continues its activities both inside Turkey and foreign countries thanks to the various measures adopted in order to complete the process without hampering the system. He also added that “all of the members of Maarif, as well as their families, are precious to the Foundation” and said “I ask you to frequently call your loved ones, your parents, to rejoice them and thus receive their prayers to Allah in your favor.  Due to the pandemic, the headquarters of the Foundation is near empty and we are working from home since two months.  That is the reason why we have celebrated the Eid at a distance.  We are thus trying to take advantage of this situation so that it becomes the occasion for a larger meeting.  We can also now consider organizing our regular meetings with the country representatives by videoconference.

Members of the Board of Trustees, members of the Board of Directors and the Board of Supervisors then took the floor to wish eid mubarak to the entire Maarif team.



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