Support from Turkish Maarif Foundation to the Education Festival in Sudan


Turkish Maarif Foundation supports the “Education, Culture and Sport Festival” organized in Sudan.

The "Education, Culture and Sports Festival", which will continue between 18-29 November, is celebrated in Sudan with various activities.

This year, the 28th festival is celebrated with the support of Turkish Maarif Foundation, and in coordination with the Sudanese Ministry of Education, Ministry of Education of the Province of Nyala, the South Darfur Governorate and the Olympic Committee.

The Prime Minister of Sudan Mutez Musa, the Minister of Education Meşair Al Amin, Nyala Governor Adam Al Faqih as well as other ministers, provincial governors, and senior managers attended the festival. All were welcomed by the representatives and teachers of Turkish Maarif Foundation at Maarif Schools during the activities. 

In his statement, Turkish Maarif Foundation Deputy Director Fahreddin Keskin specified that thousands of people attended the festival to which the Sudanese Government attached great importance and added: 

"Education, Culture and Sports Festival" held in different regions during the semester each year in Sudan started in Nyala city this year. The Education, Culture and Sports Festival, which has become a traditional festival in Sudan, is held in Nyala for the 28th time this year. Maarif schools were mobilized for the festival in Nyala, located between the Sudanese less advanced and inaccessible regions of the country, with the support of the Turkish Maarif Foundation. While 10 thousand people participated in the organization, Maarif Schools teachers and administrators gave support to the activities and our dormitories were used as hostels. Competitions in various fields of education, culture and sports will last 10 days. The final of the festival will be held with the participation of Sudanese President Omar al-Bashir.”

During the activities, Turkish doctors also gave support in health area and ambulances to Nyala Sudan-Turkey Training and Research Hospital, opened in 2014 in Sudan.


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