US Maarif Schools produced its graduates for the second times


The graduation ceremony, which could not be held at the end of the term due to the new type of Coronavirus that continues to affect the country, was held with the participation of teachers, parents and students.

Students and teachers made speeches during the ceremony, which was held under limited participation and paying great attention to social distance.

Students, whose diplomas were presented after the speeches, took a souvenir photo in memory of the day.

"As Turkish Maarif Foundation, we are proud of our graduates. We firmly believe that they will be the leading leaders of the Muslim community in America tomorrow", expressed TMF Country Representative in a statement, advising students to not forget their origins.

Later on the Representative added that they were happy to organize this ceremony, previously cancelled due to the epidemic and said, “Although the difficult conditions we are in, we did not want to be separated from the students without leaving them a good memory.”

Maarif School, which opened in New Jersey in 2017, has 147 students.



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